Condition Guide

Here we explain the conditions we use for our products and what you can expect.

Trading Cards


These are products that come directly from the supplier. These can be sealed booster boxes and packs, or cards that we remove from packs ourselves and offer for sale separately.

Used - Sealed

These are products that we have purchased second-hand from private individuals, but are still fully sealed. These are just like new, but do not come directly from a supplier and other conditions may apply.

Used - Near Mint

Second-hand cards in Near Mint condition have minimal signs of use from playing or collecting card games. This means that they generally have undamaged edges and surfaces, apart from a few defects. A Near Mint card may have some marks here and there, such as a few light scratches, a few light points of edge damage (aka "Whitening") or light centering errors, but will generally not show any major flaws.
When we offer cards in Near Mint condition, this can be cards without any defects, as well as cards with some minor defects.

Used - Light Played

Second-hand cards in Light Played condition may have minor edge damage or whitening, as well as scuffs and scratches. There are no major flaws such as dirt, creases or other structural problems. Imperfections are visible to the eye, but will generally be mild, or infrequently moderate.

Used - Played

Second-hand cards in Played condition may have moderate defects such as scratches, edge damage, whitening, small marks or light creases, or a combination of many light defects. Cards in Played condition will not show major structural problems and can still be used for game play.

Used - Damaged

Second-hand cards in Damaged condition can have significant damage such as deep scratches, severe wear or creases. It is possible that these cards can no longer be used to play the game. Kanto Collectibles will not send cards covered in liquids or food residue.

Kanto Collectibles makes every effort to adhere to these standards as accurately as possible. However, mistakes can happen, since it remains human work. If this happens to you, please contact us and we will find a solution together.